We are a small company that believes in everyone’s right to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

It is our contention that our current systems based on;

  • A programmed dependence on pharmaceutical drugs and their legalized monopoly of our medical system,
  • A forced reliance on a chemical based industrialized farming monopoly,
  • Extensive, early harvest and time-delayed food distribution systems,
  • A mind numbing media blitz covering up the dangers and short comings of GMO foods,
  • Our antiquated use of fossil fuel energy sources, and
  • An education system that dumbs down and externalizes creative and intelligent minds for the purpose of maintaining the status quo, and creating minds easily programmed by the politically controlled media,

are in direct contrast to that end result.


We believe that something needs to be done!

Waiting for, or expecting, the government to fix our problems is an exercise in futility.

Therefore, we are directing our efforts in a direction that we believe can assist in breaking free, for those interested in being broken free, from the devastating cycle of toxic and nutritionally bankrupt systems currently in control of our lives.


SupraGanic Foods

At this time, we are currently working on a push for quality, nutritionally dense foods and a heavier reliance on local foods programs. We are doing these through the growth and promotion of aquaponic growing systems and a program to work in concert with other local, regenerative farming and organic farming organizations.

Our website for this aspect of our work is, https://SupraGanicFoods.com.


SupraGanic Health

We are also working on finding, creating and providing quality, alternative remedies and options to current pharmaceutical drug and pharmaceutical controlled medical monopolies.

Our website for this aspect of our work is, https://SupraGanicHealth.com.


Free Spirit Humanitarian Church

We are also working with an organization who’s purpose is to provide alternative systems to the legalized monopolies that control our medical systems, our food systems, our education systems, our energy systems and the political systems that have been bought by the current monopolies in place. That organization is the Free Spirit Humanitarian Church.

Don’t let the fact that it is a Church throw you off. It is a legalized structure that allows it to do the kind of work that other organizations can’t. It does not need to conflict with any current faith that you follow, but works as a complimentary addition to your current faith.

You can find more information on it at; https://freespiritchurch.org.

We will continue to expand our work as resources allow. If you believe in what we are attempting to accomplish, please check out our sites and support us in our fight for the future of our nation and our world.