It’s no longer a secret that the way food is commercially grown and processed in this country these days has destroyed the health of our people. Even when certified “organic”, if commercially grown and processed, it is seldom going to provide the nutrition necessary to provide the full nutritional requirements necessary to keep us healthy.

Because of this, we have all learned that it is necessary to take nutritional supplements to bridge the gap between food provided nutrition and healthy body nutritional requirements. Even then, there are many nutritional products on the market that are no better than the nutritionally bankrupt foods that commercial farming and processing is providing.

The mission of SupraGanic Health is to find, create and make available the finest vitamin, mineral and herbal products possible. In order to do this, our products are made in FDA certified facilities, that are also GMC certified. All ingredients are sourced globally and then locally lab tested for purity, and free from all contaminants and heavy metals. Nothing is used that doesn’t meet our stringent requirements.

You can trust that anything with the SupraGanic Health brand on it is the best we could provide. We know it is and that is why we use our own products to provide our own personal health and that of our families.

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